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Business & Individual Tax Services
For New Yorkers

Business & Individual Tax Services For New Yorkers

Hello, my name is J. Cash. I am a financial expert that blogs about tax preparation, accountants, IRS auditing, payroll programs, bookkeeping services, CPAs, and much more. Most of my followers and readers hail from Queens, Manhattan, and the rest of the NYC boroughs. I love the Big Apple because it’s a competitive business landscape and I love helping businesses and ordinary citizens alike save a lot of money on their taxes. I feel there is no reason that people should donate all their money to Uncle Sam when they do not actually have to. If the law entitles you to pay fewer taxes, then do just that. Preparing your taxes in NYC must be done right every step of the way with a hardcore professional or you may as well hand your paychecks right over to the IRS.

By keeping clear and organized records of your business expenses you can be better prepared for the end of year deductions of your business expenses. When you take your business’s revenue and expense records for the year to your NYC corporate tax specialist then they will be able to quickly and efficiently take advantage of every tool available to save money. Hiring tax planning professionals and accountants are one of the few investments that quickly pay for itself in the long term through tax savings.

You are 100% legally entitled to paying the least possible amount of taxes on your earning. Don’t be like the rest of the IRS’s lemmings who use conservative accounts. Have the accounting and taxation laws work for you instead. In order to achieve this you will need to follow my blog and learn all the tricks of the trade and at the same time hire a local tax preparation & accounting shark (we know a few in Queens and NYC so if you need a phone number just email us your location). Upon learning the J. Cash accountant’s methods of financial freedom you will relay the insights to your accountant. You will sit by his or her throat until they get you every last dollar that you deserve. You’re paying these tax firms top dollar so shouldn’t you be getting the best work output? Follow your dreams and pursue your goals and financial freedom will be just around the corner. Don’t forget that we are NYC certified public accountants.

How CPA’s Can Get & Stay Ahead in the Automation Age

Automation is no longer just a buzzword making rounds in the tech space; it’s a stark reality for many job professions, including accountants. In fact, according to a recent study published by FT.com, nearly 48 percent of job categories across the spectrum are under serious threat from automation in the next couple of decades. With accountants and auditors among the hardest hit by automation, CPAs certainly have a reason to be wary.

In case that isn’t worrisome enough, Financial Times reveals that as automation continues to gain footing, there’s been a downward hiring trend at the Big Four (namely KPMG, PwC, EY, and Deloitte). Coincidentally, these are the largest employers of CPA graduates across the globe. The bigger question is: should accountants push the panic button? More importantly, how can CPAs get ahead and put themselves in a better position to survive the automation apocalypse?

It’s Time to Embrace and Face Automation Head-On

No matter how you look at it, automation is a huge wake-up call for all CPAs, especially bookkeepers and payroll clerks. As artificial intelligence and machine learning advance, more and more companies will be looking to automate their books and processes, rendering CPAs obsolete. However, there’s no reason to panic yet. Why?

First things first, automation is still in its nascent stage. According to a research conducted by McKinsey and Company, digitization of most accounting jobs is still at very early stage despite all the buzz surrounding automation. However, that doesn’t mean that accountants cannot get a headstart. As a matter of fact, now is the best time for CPAs to keep up with digitization or risk finding themselves out of work in the next few years.

Hone Your Specialty

In the digital age, CPAs can no longer afford to be one-size-fits-all or low-level accountants. As such, specialization can be a huge game-changer. It’s all about becoming the expert in your specific niche of accounting, and that’s where artificial intelligence can come in handy. However, you need to hone basic skills needed to take advantage of AI and data science.

In other words, accountants need to learn skills required to interpret data collected by their clients and gain helpful insights. While AI can help gather heaps of data and chunk it down into smaller, easier-to-digest bits, clients will still depend on CPAs to make informed financial decisions on their behalf. To do so, however, accountants may be required to familiarize themselves with how their clients gather, store, and use data to make better choices.

Prioritize Emotional Intelligence and People Skills (EQ)

When it comes to beating the “bot”, it is crucial for accountants to give particular emphasis to emotional intelligence and people skills on top of sprucing up their AI and technical know-how. As you might already know, emotional intelligence (EQ) is quite different from conventional intelligence (IQ). In fact, it’s not uncommon for accountants with a high level of intelligence (IQ) not to be able to “read” how others perceive them.

In that regard, having emotional intelligence or people skills can help accountants not only make themselves stand out in a sea of competition but also become successful when dealing with their colleagues and clients. How so?

● EQ improves your ability to be self-aware. In other words, it allows you to figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are. By recognizing yourself, you can easily understand how others perceive you.

● EQ improves your situational awareness. It allows you to “read the room.”

● EQ helps you respond appropriately. This way, you can tailor your responses and behavior to match the expectation of the clients.


For accountants, getting ahead in the automation age is no walk in the park for accountants. However, with heightened emotional intelligence and specialization, they can tackle the bull by the horn.

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